Thoughts on the new millennium – Interview with Thomas Meyer

Thoughts on the new millennium – Interview with Thomas Meyer. Director – producer: Frigyes Fogel

Central-Europe would have a great mission. But I don’t know whether there are enough people who still can think in a different way than in a westernized way or in a traditional spiritual way like the Roman catholic church. And if you have not people who are free from both the Central-European mission cannot be performed.

It is linked with individualism in the good sense, with a spiritual life which is free from being a fettered bound linked to any traditional body of interests of centuries old and the tendency in Europe today is as illustrated in a map that was published in the English economic journal, you know, you might have seen it, the Economist, 20 years ago, I think what was outlined there is largely our reality.

What’s outlined there is, some people said, how will the world and Europe look in the 21st century? And they draw a map, a kind of a fantasy map in which you have no Europe. You have Europe Euro-America, and Euro-Asia. And every spot in Europe today, if we geographically say Europe, is either Euro-America or Euro-Asia.

It’s clear we are sitting now with this interveiew in Euro-America. So that’s a big question whether Europeans still have an understanding and want of what would be really Europe’s contribution, namely, a mediating function between West and East. If Europe is crushed spiritually and politically, this function is impossible to perform. And that’s pretty much where we are.